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Top 5 Social Media Marketing Trends For 2020 and Beyond


You may be wondering and expecting to know what are the ways to step ahead of your competitors? Well, first thing you need to know first is the trend of social media marketing in 2020. For the purpose of taking action and gain advantage from your competitors.

According to the statistics from eMarketer, the number of social media user will exceed 3 billion users. This is equal to 80% of global users. What are the top social media marketing trends you should know for 2020 and year after? Are there a ways to do marketing during this crisis? Let’s find out!


Existing of your social media eCommerce

The simplest way to explain this eCommerce is your Facebook. This platform have the feature to post product sell those product on your wills. As well as Instagram, you can now sell your product to these two platform and other platform as well. Why do they do it? Because its the way of giving your audience an easy and fastest way to communicate with you and at the same time complete their purchases is a new reality that every company should embrace.

Online Influencers popularity increases

An online influencers have come a long way to establish themselves as a true social media personas who can achieved higher engagement rates compared to other kind of influencers. In the year of 2020, an online influencers is a must “become” for everyone because it has become the mass trending and it also can enhance to create income.

Video content is the God of Social

Video content will become more powerful year by year. Based on the research have predicted that by year 2022, more than 80% of all online content will be video format. This refers to marketer need to seek for smart ways to deliver a video content with amazing story and in short format that will attract audience that will make them spend more time on your site than your competitors.

User-generated content beats sponsored posts

How can user-generated content beats sponsored posts? Because the popularity of user-generated content comes from authenticity, it can give to the brands using it compared to sponsored content. To simply explain, audience trust user-generated content than from the brand themselves, its common sense that if you are the brand promoting your product, which you basically want to sell it. It’s like asking people to buy their product while user-generated review and explain naturally about the product. They have the power of social listening.

New marketing possibilities

The most commonly known social media platform are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and Twitter which are the channel to communicate with your customers. However, there are an unexpected application which turned out to be extremely popular application called “TikTok”. This application got around 188 million new users during the year 2018. Until today, the number of new user are increasing dramatically due to crisis situation which causes people to give it a try on this application. It is one of the perfect place for B2C business to promote their business in the creative ways.

Let’s Sum Up

In order to plan your social media tactics, you need to understand today’s social media marketing trends. Because that will guide you to initiate the right tactics to engage the customers. Now you know what is the trends and what is the future holds, prepare yourself and your business to enhance and gain advantage on social media.

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