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Three ways to increase brand awareness and sales through TikTok


TikTok is an application that focuses on taking a short video with varieties of filters and songs. TikTok is all about quirky creativity and big performances. The majority are the young users (at least 40% of the app’s users are aged between 10 to 19). It is true that they are Generation Z, but they will later become an adult. This is a great opportunity for a marketer to approach this application to increase brand awareness and sales. Here are three ways to use TikTok to increase brand awareness and sales.

Engage with social influencers

Start building your own audience is a great idea, but to boost up your audience faster, you need influencers’ help. Working with influencers who already have these numbers is a shortcut that allows connection with a large audience and delivers effective results.

Launch hashtag challenges & competitions

An effective channel needs regular content, but if you are not regularly posting to TikTok there is another way. One of the greatest ways to promote your campaign is through the use of a hashtag and by offering an enticing reward to create competition.

Featured adverts

TikTok have paid paid-for content roughly every five videos on the user’s feed. The quality of these ads is remaining low which offers a brilliant opportunity to stand out from the competition with better creativity.

These are the three ways to raise brand awareness and sales for your business with the uses of TikTok.

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