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Before we get to the climax point, we want to make sure you know about us even more. We are HeadEight Digital Group, we’ve developed DoWize, the social media and content marketing platform with an affordable prices. In this blog will be telling you about what will be coming in the year 2020 and why should you be interested with our platform.

HeadEight are a team with a big dream and loads of great idea. We always think our self as a customer, what are the features we need in social media and content marketing platform? How do we satisfied our customers?

But! We have a awesome news to tell you that we are launching our new major updates that will fixed all the common error, the platform will be ready to use and you will be able to share all your contents on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on January, 2020. So what are the new features to come in the new update?

The New Features That Are Coming On January, 2020


A brand new analytic dashboard! You will be able to check the overall performance and insight of specific social media channel.

First, you will be able to set a goal and KPI of your campaign or content marketing.

Second, you will be able to track your content performance that you’ve posted and it will be sorted in ranking automatically with highlighted the top best three contents you’ve posted.

Reporting and Analytics can be share with your team members or whom may involve with your project, for the purpose of keeping everyone up to date. We’ve put all our effort to this updates and platform to save your time, workload, report, and cost. Our platform will be in good use to help you do your report easier, then you will be able to have time to analyze the data.

We truly believed that, “Having the data without analyzing it, won’t bring any benefit out of that data”. The Right Content, Right Channels, Right Measurement, right Analyze.

Don’t think that this is the only new feature, we have more!


After seeing our brand new analytic dashboard, we want to show you a bit more on Facebook Insight. Our platform isn’t going to show only the overview, but an in-depth detail of each social media insights to help you and your business to analyze easily. As you can see in the picture above, there are all the main aspects business wanted to see. Each block which are total profile visit, total reach, post engagement, and engagement rate can be seen in graph form to help you analyze and evaluate even better!

After you’ve posted all your contents, you can do sorting and ranking on specific social media analytic dashboard such as example above. The highlighting tabs are the best performance post. You will be able to identify easily on which content is doing the best performance!

There are more social media insights which are Instagram, Twitter, Line OA, and YouTube (coming soon). If you wish to see how gorgeous they look like, reserve now to prepare for big changes that are coming in the beginning of the 2020.

Social Media Post Composer

Yes! I have the same thought as you guys. It is so convenience, right?

The example above is the social media post composer.

Why do you need to go through all social media page one at a time, while you can use our platform to edit, prepare, and preview your content and share it to all social media with just click one!

The current social media channel you can share consist of three, but the example above shown four channels, right? Well, its a bonus spoil for you guys to be ready for the next update to come. We have something to tell you more!

Let’s Be Straightforward

After reading this blog, we know that you guys may think we are self promoting a lot, but we want you guys to considered thinking about something. Currently, we are counting down for these major updates to come and the price is going to change FOREVER with monthly fee. Please do considered, right now we are having a campaign of Reserve Now Or Never It’s a free reservation to give you guys a final chance to buy our lifetime deal, where you pay only once in your life and use our platform FREE FOREVER with premium customer service. PLUS! free update till we get old with gray hair.

You can have a check on other social media and content marketing platform, their price are costly, DoWize existed to be your solution to save your business monthly cost. Now is your chance to grab this deal. It is now or never ever again to see this special deal!

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