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Impact of Covid-19 on digital consumption


As the covid-19 still lock us down at home. There is a changes consumer behavior in digital world. People are consuming more online content even while cooking, exercising, or working from home during these unusual times. So, what specifically changes in digital consumption? Let’s go take a look on some of the impact so far.

Make sure to check out what are the ways to engage consumer after the post pandemic.

Social media platform

As covid-10 lock us at home and not meet up with anyone, but it also pushes us to stay active on the social media to get connect with people and interact. The number of usage in social media is increasing dramatically day by day. As it becomes the primary medium of communication and entertainment during the lockdown.

Video Streaming

A WPP report on ‘Impact of COVID-19 on consumers & brands’ suggests that the video-streaming platforms have seen over 113 percent rise in the number of average users since the nationwide lockdown.


Gaming is becoming a great choice for consumer to kill time and their boredom during this kind of lockdown. There is a rises of 76% in gaming based on the research.


Most of the store and restaurant are adapting into delivery to be engageable for consumer. Major brands are currently delivering over 283,000 orders every day – and this shows the amount of time being spent on these ecommerce apps.

During the pandemic, various industries have been struggling to find a way to connect with their audience and are losing their brand presence. Moreover, digital media platforms are offering greater enhancement and more targeted reach within the budget of the brands.

To Sum Up

Brand marketers are looking at interacting and engaging with various niche segments of their target market through various digital marketing tools such as ecommerce ads, in-game ads, social media ads, OTT ads, and more. Make sure to keep up the pace to stay on the competition and find the opportunity to stay ahead of your competitor.

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