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How To Influencer Marketing During Covid-19 Pandemic


During this Covid-19 crisis, all business are adapting in order to survive during this situation. Most people work from home. Companies need to reach customers to stay in business, but sending the right message is difficult during this circumstances. Here are some key factors to considerate for navigating working with influencers during is pandemic.

Acknowledge the Situation

By encouraging influencers to incorporate messaging around how the pandemic has an impacted them on personal level into their posts. Here are the example. An influencer cooking at home with a new kitchen product and became good at cooking due to restaurant is temporary closed. We ignore the global pandemic when doing influencer marketing campaign to make it insensitive for viewers.

Consider Incorporating Charitable Efforts

People from all over the world are struggling during this pandemic, many businesses are seeking to donate to charitable organizations benefiting food banks, first responders, health care workers, and people suffering from Covid-19. Which charity should you support as a business, considered influencer campaign that is running simultaneously. Most people staying at home are interest in shopping online but if they see their influencer charity campaign to support crisis, they are most likely to support their influencers.

Work only with Trusted Influencers

We suggest to avoid partnerships with influencers who have been controversial in the past. Given the sensitive nature of promoting products or services during Covid-19 crisis. This will help lower the risk of offending viewers as well as getting negative feedback. Partnership with talent and professional influencer that can discuss about crisis with sympathetic and thoughtful manner will be most likely get a positive conversion. If you do not have connection with these influencers, try to monitor content and post from potential partners.

Test with Different Social Media Platform

The usage of social media keep rising dramatically due to the pandemic that forces more and more people to stay home and limit the activities. Based on YouTube, daily views of videos “#withme” have 600% increase in viewership since March 15, 2020. Video titles with “home office” or “work out at home” have average daily views grow by 100-200%. Pinterest is also another platform to test out because people spend time there to find new idea.

We suggest you with social media and content marketing platform which will help you to share your content easily with just one click and its all published and scheduled to all social media platforms. DoWize, work it wisely! Your workflow will become more easy both analyzing and sharing contents.


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