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How To Build Up Digital Marketing Strategy During This Crisis


People spend more and more time on their screen which changes their behavior during crisis ever than before. This is the huge potential to position your brand effectively during this time. This is the great time to create lasting improvement that make a positive impact to your audience. Here are several steps to build up digital marketing efforts during this crisis

Communicate with empathy

Advertisers are struggling with how to respond in trying times. You may thought it’s better to say nothing but that could cause your brand to lose an opportunity to become valuable partner in getting consumers through this crisis. Having sensitivity and recognizing the concerns of audience is most vital aspect of communicating during times of uncertainty. Failing to acknowledge about the crisis at all not only affect positive change, but it can causes negative results for brand. It is important to keep in mind of two things when creating digital marketing strategies, which are empathy and thoughtfully developed content. Share content and let them know you are supporting the community.

Share content that connect with audience

People spend more time online which refers to increases of reaches. The mere exposure effect draws consumers to products and services they are more familiar with, a continues commitment can help connecting with people.

Brands can use this time to test out strategies, develop new content and see what works best for them. Be responsive at all time, and make pivots quickly upon determining best practices. With audience engaged, brand can better sample new ways and improve how the connect with customers.

Add to consumers’ e-commerce experience

By adding to e-commerce experience could include creating new options for pre-purchase product engagement, such as increased photo content or video. You may also want to invest in improving product visibility by efforts like free registration through Google Merchant Center. This doing will allow product to be add to search engine’s shopping results.

We suggest you with social media and content marketing platform which will help you to share your content easily with just one click and its all published and scheduled to all social media platforms. DoWize, work it wisely! Your workflow will become more easy both analyzing and sharing contents.

At this time of crisis, it isn’t just maintaining and doing nothing, but the moment to prove the value to consumers. Keep in mind at all time that when generating content you need to considered empathy and thoughtfully developed content.

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