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These Hashtag Will Help You Get Followers On Social Media


There is no point to deny that hashtag have become a popular marketing strategy for most of the businesses, but each social media comes with their own hashtag practices.


The hashtag itself has turn into a word people use in their daily social life. The uses of hashtag have become a common use not only for personal usage but uses as a marketing tool. What does it help? The hashtag help the users to find your content, page, and connect with your brand. On the other hand, there are drawback to it, for such as too much hashtag can turn your content to look quite messy with words and it causes algorithms of those social media to mark your content as a spam. Now let’s talk specifically about each hashtag on social media.

Twitter Hashtags

The reason that I mentioned about Twitter in the beginning is because Twitter users commonly use hashtag on every post for the purpose of reaching other users. What are the ways to know what hashtag to use? In Twitter there will be a section that state about the top hashtag of each day, which you can use those hashtag to get a reach easily, but make sure your hashtag is relevant with the message you are trying to delivery to the audience. The recommended amount of hashtag should be around 1 to 3 hashtag maximum.

Instagram Hashtag

Not long ago, Instagram platform allows users to check and follow on hashtags. This is a good opportunity for startup business that seek for followers and engagement, but there is the thing to be careful of, which is posting and adding the repetitive caption and hashtags. Unlike Twitter, you should use the hashtag that is related to your post and the amount of hashtag should be able 9 to 15 hashtags. Posting and hash-tagging on Instagram is a must, but too much is a NO.

Facebook Hashtag

Facebook is the hardest platform to use hashtag. Why? Because more than 80% of Facebook accounts are set to private, unlike Twitter with only 12% of accounts are set to private and the rest are public. There are several ways to make Facebook hashtags work for you.

  • Create an interactive post, where audience can click and interactive with the post and include hashtags which generate approximately around 12% of engagement than without hashtags.
  • Create a campaign that involve the use of hashtag, for such as photo contest or best comment with hashtag. This will help users find it no matter where they interact with your business

The recommendation amount of hashtag in Facebook should around one or two hashtags on each posts. Keeping those hashtags consistent that you are already using on social media profiles. The more you use the hashtag on post, the more its likely to catch people attention.

More importantly, posting through each social media one by one may be a hard task for you. Check out the best social media and content marketing platform to be your tools and help you save a lot of time!

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