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Corona Virus Changes Social Media Marketing


Greetings to all readers who are reading during their work from home including the writer myself too! Corona virus is counted as a pandemic, due to its spreading furiously over the world. Not only that, but in social media as well. How? Let me explain to you.

We all have been scrolling through our social media and seen tons of content mentioning about corona virus all the time and everyday. Which this influences marketers to stay on trends with the market by creating contents about corona virus, which I refer “influence” as “infected”.

We do acknowledge that the situation is changing day by day, but what are the top tips for marketers working hard to stay sensitive and relevant during this crisis? Let me show you.

Key things you should know

  • Engagement is down across the board. Brands and industries that are able to reach and connect thoughtfully with their followers are weathering the storm so far.
  • Twitter engagement decline but not as much as Facebook and Instagram. Why? Because Twitter is easier to connect with brands and organizations to get vital information and more instant than algorithm-heavy like Facebook or Instagram.
  • The best tips is to stay calm and be empathetic. This applies to both IRL and social media. Post thoughtful, relevant content whenever possible, and give your followers a chance to be able to reach you about their questions and concerns.

Corona virus also affects influencer and content creators as well. All the attraction and events are postponed until the corona virus are under control. This makes them unable to create a creative content outdoor which can cause chain affect to social media marketing to have lesser scope of content style.


What to keep in mind during this pandemic

  • Seize the opportunities. Since most of the people work from home and stay indoors, we will now see a new type of online behavior. An online activity and shopping will change dramatically from the normal circumstance.
  • Digital opportunities. Most of the companies decreases their marketing budgets, which we will be seeing the sharp drop in CMP and CPC prices due to the decline in competition. This is an ideal opportunity for marketers to acquire new customers at lower cost than usual.
  • Adapt to the new customer. Locate your target audience and how their lifestyle has changed and map out how you should be targeting them. What are their emotional context? How should you be communicating with them? You can not underestimate the affect of corona virus that changed customers demands and behavior.

Corona virus will surely left its mark in history and the question is rather how much things will change. We have acknowledge the changes that happen to social media marketing and what can be adjust. More digital solutions need to be considered for all industries. I recommend to continue reading the 3 Ways To Do Smart Marketing During Corona Virus which will give you an idea of what to do more during this situation.

3 Ways To Do Smart Marketing During Corona Virus

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