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7 Ways To Make Your Content Go Viral


What is viral content? Viral content is the content that you often see on your social media with lots of online engagement. Not only engagement but viral content helps the brand to gain popularity. How do you make your content go viral? One of the most interesting elements of viral content is what actually does ‘go viral’. The most random clips, images, and stories bringing sudden unexpected success, and even launching people’s careers as a result.

There’s no definitive guide or process. The odds are always stacked against you, but there are some key measures and considerations that are worth factoring into your content efforts to maximize your potential success.

Research Popular Questions

One of the great ways is to create an article idea with strong viral potential is to answer popular niche questions. Text Optimizer tools can help you find popular questions around any search query, and can be a good first step to creating something that spreads:


Create something Unique

Viral is about creating unique content that no one has ever done before. If you keep on creating content based on other people’s success, it won’t become viral content unless it’s unique.

Maintain High Quality

Make sure to maintain your content on high quality. It will define your overall brand to looks good to the audience when they are looking at your content. For example, another blog publishes about definition and tips, you can implement those blogs and go in-depth detail about those topics to be unique from your competitors. This can create great potential for online sharing.

Be Controversial

Controversy does sell. Everyone has an opinion. Creating a content that isn’t outright offensive, but stirs up some debate which splits people’s opinion up and spurs subsequent conversation.

Catch Trends Early On

Remember when ‘Gangnam Style’ was able to gain significant popularity since 2012. Some creators were able to gain popularity in curating ‘Gangnam Style’ and adding some entertainment and funny parody.

The longer you wait to create content, the lesser effect of engagement will be.

Don’t Try Too Much

If you try too hard on creating viral content every time, people will know. Online users are cynical, and increasingly resistant to trend-jacking for brand content means. If you try too much, those efforts will backfire you.

Manufacture Serendipity

It may sound weird, but to go viral, you need to be lucky. Publishing great content at the right time and connect with the right people will allow people to share your content.

You may wonder. What is serendipity? It means a happy accident or pleasant surprise; a fortunate mistake.

That means that viral marketing involves lots of experimenting, connecting to various people, seeing what others do, getting help, etc.

  • To create viral content, you need to create lots of content and do lots of experiments
  • To ‘go viral’, you need to be everywhere: Lots of connections, lots of channels, lots of social media platforms.

Again, there’s no magic formula here, but by being present and active, you can maximize your opportunities for success.

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