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7 Awesome Work From Home Jobs


During this pandemic situation, companies across the globe have shut down their headquarters and transitioned their employee to remote work. Instead of just chilling at home, this is a great opportunity to generate extra income through extra jobs. Here are the 10 awesome work from home jobs you can do right now.

Online Tutor

There are tons of website and application for you to register as a tutor yourself. You could provide tutoring your specialty in your career or tutoring language is one of the most popular tutoring. Tutor normally get paid by hourly depend on what deal you are making with your customer.

Here is the link to online tutoring website:


Blogging is simple and easy to start. You can choose to compose about your favorite melody or diet, and ultimately, you can commence yielding wealth from your site. Blogging takes time, you need to be patient on this job.

Here is one of the link to start your blog:


Video content is the most powerful content this year and in the future as well. YouTube is a place to share your creativity, if you do believe that you are good at creating video content, start doing now. There is no right or wrong content, just be yourself when creating content, audience know if you are faking or acting real.

Handmade Crafter

If you have the skill to create handmade products like jewelry, cards, or artistic product, try to show your work on social media and see if it’s able to sell. The domain of products can vary upon your style, needs, and knowledge.


The translator translate document and audio recordings from one terminology to another. Anyone with multi-language skills are able to be a freelance translator, or pertain to work within the companies.

Influencer Marketer

Influencer marketing is an implementation of social media marketing endorsements and product placement from influencers. Their goal is to convince people to purchase the product they are promoting through their content. You can become influencer marketer through being YouTuber or content writer and enhance your influencing skill.


An online digital marketing jobs are high in demand, there are tons of skills gap that can’t fill these roles. If you are the one with multiple skills such as coding, data analyzer, or a web developer. Use those skill during this crisis as a great opportunity to gain extra profit.

To Sum Up

Everybody got their own personal skills. It all depend on how will you bring those skills out to use it as a business purposes to help you generate extra income. I have an extra help for those who are planning to be come a social media influencer. DoWize, a social media and content marketing tools that will help you share content to all social media with just one click. It is currently on the lifetime deal right now. Make sure to check on it!

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