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5 Ways to Use Social Media for PR


It is important to keep in mind about using social media as a channel for PR strategy. What are the ways you can use social media for public relations?

Offer to be a guest contributor

One of the greatest ways to create a buzz for your business and build-up authority in your industry is by offering guest posts on well-known blog post media outlets. The benefits are sharing knowledge with the audience and receiving backlinks to your site.

Use social sharing on press releases

The simplest way to incorporate social media into the PR strategy is by adding social sharing buttons in your press releases. This will allow the audience to easily share your content. However, the social sharing button alone isn’t going to make everything works. You may want to consider how the press release will look when it shows up on social media networks. A quick tip is to create a short blog post or a social media post that links back to your press release.

Be conversational and focus on community

The main key to make your business become well known and be spoken about is to build relationship and have a conversation with your social media community. When creating a community, customers become advocates for your business and spread the word about your brand.

Preparation of crisis management plan in place

Every business will eventually face its own crisis and it’s important to recognize that it could happen someday. The best option is to prepare for the worst-case scenario with a crisis management plan. Having a plan for how you will get ahead of negative publicity order to maintain the company’s positive online reputation.

Be consistent about showing up

If you want social media to become an important element of your overall picture of PR strategy, then you have to be consistent with it. Make sure to post regularly and respond with customer comments as quickly as possible. It may be growing slowly in the beginning, but it will eventually continue to grow over time.

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