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5 Types of Video To Improves Marketing Content


Video content is easy content to gain an audience’s attention. Why? Because it is easy for people to consume and doesn’t waste time reading content but just by watching it. Oftentimes, when people think of video marketing, they think of social media content. But what type of video will improve marketing content to be more attractive? Let’s check out these 5 types of video content that can be apply to business’s marketing system.

Brand Story

All brand has its own story. And creating video content that tells about the core story of the brand is a great way to establish trust immediately with prospects. On the other hand, you can also create a video of your brand’s journey. On the problem you’ve faced and how can you overcome those obstacles.

Furthermore, when the business owner gets on camera and talks directly to their prospects about how they address their big concern, this wins their trust and builds a human-to-human connection from the get-go.

Product or Service Videos

Next, when you got the attention of prospects with your core story. It is time to create a video that tells about your product or services.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run. A video showcasing your offerings can help to dynamically demonstrate all the pros of purchasing your product or service.

For more complicated products, like a new software system or a tool or machinery that requires some set-up, product videos can help eliminate some of the fear that a prospect might feel about purchasing a complex product. When they see how easy it is to set up and use in the video, they’ll feel more confident in their ability to do it on their own.

Even for simple products, video can help to bring the item to life. A product video for a children’s construction toy that shows the features of the completed model. It might sell a parent on the purchase. Or a video on a clothing e-commerce site, showing a model walking back and forth in items of clothing. It can give viewers a sense of how the shirt or pants look and move on a real person.

Client Testimonials

Testimonials, reviews, and case studies play a similar role in the lead nurturing process. These offer social proof for your business as well as you say it is.

Written reviews and testimonials are great, but videos can help to elevate that connection. By showing prospects an existing happy customer, you give them a taste of what their life could be like if they hired you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s just be honest, reading through FAQ by yourself is boring! Why not create a video where you answer to most asked questions about your brand, product, and services.

This is also a great opportunity to get a number of people from the company involved in the video creation process. Have someone from each department get in front of the camera. They can each record a handful of answers to the FAQs that are most relevant to their role at the company.

Personalized Sales Videos

Once you have won prospects interest with great content on your website, it’s time to step on the next level. By encouraging your sales team to use one-to-one video in the sales process allows them to embrace personalization.

Creating a personalized video, where they address the prospect by name and speak to their specific concerns and questions, makes that prospect feel special. They think, “If this business went through the trouble to record a video just for me, can you imagine the lengths they’ll go-to for me if I become a customer?”


To Sum Up

We can apply video content throughout all stages of a customer journey. Video can be critical to establishing trust, building a personal connection, and moving prospects down the hourglass towards their first purchasing decision.

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