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5 Essential Differences Between Twitter and LinkedIn When Creating Marketing Strategy


Don’t confuse when using these two platforms to build your brand, they are different.

A marketer can’t use to same marketing strategy on every platform. Why? Because each platform have a different type of user. Such as Twitter and Linkedin, they are both social media platform but don’t assume that they can use the same approaches.

Differentiation on where can you self promoted on

Update a company growth or team accomplishment on LinkedIn is appropriate, doing the same on Twitter is frowned upon. While self-promoting in Twitter sounds more right than on LinkedIn, people look for more professional updates and the tolerance for semi promotional material is significantly higher in LinkedIn.

Understand what people search on each platform

People do get the wrong idea about LinkedIn, Twitter, and all social media in general about the power of search. The common call to action to all networks are post, share, tweet, and update, but the real power of these platforms is to search and engage.

There are several different searching between Twitter and LinkedIn. For Twitter, the focuses are content and tweet. While LinkedIn are more on searching for companies and people to connect with.

Video is a common use on social media, but not all platforms agree yet

There is no denying that video will become commonly uses a format for the next year or more. But, the video should use a different approach based on the platform that you will share with. Starting with LinkedIn, under the ownership of Microsoft, it clearly prioritized long duration with high-quality video. While Twitter has a limit in video time and compressed video quality, which makes it less engaging than other platforms. There may be changes in the near future for Twitter’s video formatting.

In the end, these two platforms should be an integral part of the marketing plan in 2020. There is a significant difference between these two platforms, but understanding the differences will help a business to come up with the right marketing strategy which needs to use different approaches.

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