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4 Tips To Enhance Videos For Social Media Marketing


Most of the content nowadays are being in the form of video. Video content help to generate customer engagement. It is important to executed seamlessly, professionally and in a way that will drive a return on investment. There are several practices to get the best results. Here are the 4 tips to enhance videos for social media marketing.

Optimize for mobile

Keep in mind that people are using and view video on their smartphone. Make sure that your video content is optimize for mobile uses. All social media has different video size format that are suitable to watch for different kind of devices. You need to make sure which kind of device are they watching your content at.

Subtitle your video

Why do you need to put subtitle while they can clearly hear your voice from video? Well, because there are many aspect that they can’t hear you. For example, they are watching your video while they are traveling on a public transport without any earpods. In that case, they will still willing to watch your video without sound but understand the content just by reading the subtitle.

Create captivating hook

Your audience should know what your video is about within the first 3 seconds. How in the world will you do that? You should create a hook with keywords that explain about content within the video. If it isn’t clear what the video is about, they have no reason to keep watching. There’s no need to produce a feature film; shorter content is often better. The optimal length for a video is 15 to 20 seconds of high-value and informational content.

Have fun creating content

Many company forget this important aspect. Audience will know its a sincere or fake, it will show through how you express in your video. Don’t simply push marketing messages. To resonate, your video content needs storytelling and human connection. It’s vital to share video content that’s not all about your company. This takes extra work to make sure it’s relevant to your followers, but it’s well worth it.

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