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3 Ways To Do Smart Marketing During Corona Virus


Greetings to all readers working from home right now! In this kind of situation, how do we do empathetic marketing? We’ve found 3 ways to do smart marketing during corona virus.

Adjust Marketing Campaigns and Scheduled Content Timelines

Just to be straightforward, some brands are able to produce quick-turn campaigns during specific moments. This is an impressive action, but comes with prohibitive risk involved.

Therefore, your first task is to audit on what is currently active in your pipeline.

  • Decide what should be paused right away. Push timelines back on the main campaigns or pause it if you are not sure that it is appropriate. This decision will help to avoid cost that is not necessary or not effective during this outbreak.
  • Consider and rearrange the priority. You may want to move some things up to the first priority for the purpose of effective marketing campaign.

During this crisis, you may not really understand the usual consumer behavior you current know. Because most people stays indoor and their online behavior may have changes. You can read furthermore through Corona virus changes social media marketing.


Evaluate Your Imagery and Language

Brand need to choose the right word to communicate as powerful as visual communication.

  • Avoid visuals of crowds or touches visual. This includes people working in offices or at social gathering area.
  • Re-frame marketing language that describes close interaction. Such as “get in touch” or “get closer to your customers” A messages that create emotion and visualization.
  • Swap out visuals. You may want to change the visual that have been prepared to launched and adapt depend on the current situation.

All these tips in the bullet points are specifically about “push” content.

Lastly, Don’t Capitalize on the Crisis

This doesn’t apply only through crisis of corona virus, but through all crisis.

  • Keep people informed. Brands need to communicate with their customers and provide information about crisis which shows them that you do care for your customers and its informative for them during the crisis.
  • Don’t panic and be an alarmist. Keep people informed is an okay level, but informing too often to everything is not okay. Be careful of the uses of dramatic language when creating content.
  • Mind your tone. Don’t ever go creative like “COVID VIRUS NOW OR NEVER!” or any other tactless messaging.

These are the 3 smart ways to do and not to do marketing during this crisis. We hope this crisis will be gone as soon as possible.

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