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3 Ways Covid-19 Will Changes Consumer Behavior Forever


In this crisis, there has been a significant changes in consumer behavior, including their E-commerce, entertainment, and travel. This crisis tends to change the important of everyday decisions. Covid-19 disrupt the way we normally work, the way we think, and the way we purchase thing. How can it be? Let’s clarify the three habit that had been changes.

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E-commerce Habits

An online streaming, E-commerce. and online food delivery all were growing constantly before the crisis happened. Now they are trying to expand their segmentation not only aiming for one segment, but both segment such as millennial and baby-boomers. However, for certain product categories, if people get used to it, it will turn to be new norm.


The practice of social distancing is in active, more people are eager to use free time not spent on shopping, dining out, or even visiting friends or family. They then to create or find entertainment that can happen in their home. This is the great opportunity for online shopping, online streaming, and gaming to gain their new customers. However this is the downside for physical store and entertainment related.


The most significant changes in traveling is that, people stop traveling which causes the declines of profit of gas station. Instead of traveling to work, people start using “Zoom” to catch up with their friends and family. Based on Zoom activity their monthly active users are 2.22 million so far in 2020. When these user are not conferencing, they tend to find new fitness routines to stay fit but at the same time practicing social distancing.

To Sum Up

After this crisis is gone, I believed that consumer behavior will change forever. Because this isn’t just a crisis but a pandemic outbreak of virus which sounds like zombie, but it is kind of similar in the way around. Keep in mind that the usual target customer you are having right now isn’t the same like you used to know them, make sure to revise what you know again during this crisis.

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