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3 Reason Not To Create Entire Business Out Of Social Media


There is one main aspect that a social media platform can’t compete with, is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Those who create content should know that SEO is the main key for reader to be able to reach your blog content. Yes, I know that social media is easy to reach people, but blog content is important to support businesses as well. Here are the reasons why your entire marketing strategy shouldn’t revolve around just building an audience on social media platforms.

1. You are posting content on a borrowed platform that could go down at any moment

When you are posting your content on a social media, you are posting in their domain. Not only are your posts at the easy going of the algorithm, but you’re also vulnerable to tech glitches that prevent you from spreading your message to your audience. What if the social media with tons of followers that you have shut down their application, you lose all? You need to make sure to think in the long term.

On your website, you own the content you publish. The power of Google, you’ll be able to capitalize on a search engine to put your blog posts directly in front of ideal clients.

2. Google can’t read your social media posts

The time you’ve spend on creating a content to post on Facebook and Instagram are all hidden from Google. What does this mean? This means that you lost your opportunity to gain new clients. Try doing blogging you will have an opportunity create strategic content that provides solutions to people problems. With the help of SEO, your blog post will be ranking and stay forever without relying on any social media platform.

3. Short Life Cycle

Social media post have a short life cycle. Social media post is like a post that depending on a trends. No one want to see the older post in social media, it isn’t an evergreen content that people are going to search for it and try to invest their time on those stuff that is in the social media history. To make a more powerful business, your content need to create a leads that suggest them to fill their email. What for? Now you get packs of email to send them directly to their email of your content. This leads to email marketing, you can check out more on some popular tricks on doing an email marketing effectively.

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